Do you want to start a business you can take with you from PCS to PCS?


Social Media Management is a business that you can start for free and do from the comfort of your own home! πŸ’ΌπŸ‘

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Boss Mom 101

Boss Moms 101 is a program that shows you exactly how to start a social media management business and generate clients that will pay anywhere from $500 - $8,000+ a month!*

Everything you need to get started and be successful is in a user friendly course that's very simple to understand. You don't need to have a technical background or marketing experience to start! πŸ™ŒπŸ½

Proven Success Record

I started my digital marketing agency two years ago. My very first client paid me $300, was an actress from Atlanta and I was managing her social media. Fast forward a month and I had my next client, who was paying me $1,500 (felt like a ton then)! This was huge for me when first starting my business. Fast forward again two years and I am consistently generating 40,000+ a month from my digital marketing company. Me! A military spouse, mom of two and full time student.

Why I do it?

I had to learn the hard way and figure everything out for myself. My goal is to help other military spouses overcome the difficulties of being a military spouse and moving from place to place. It's nearly impossible to work your way up in a corporate job when you move every few years. Β I want to help you build a business that can be taken with you when you PCS, help you work from home and most importantly not have to work 9 to 5 to help build someone else's dream. With all the MLM businesses out there (props to you if you've been successful with one of these) I want to create a legitimate business opportunity where you get to keep 100% of your profits, unlike many MLM businesses where you do 100% of the work and only get 30% of the revenue. (All my military spouses know exactly what I'm talking about)

All the tools you need to be successful

  • Guided Video Training

    Video training that covers everything you need to know to get started building your social media management business.

  • Social Media Management Software

    The user friendly software needed to schedule posts, automate reporting and automate cross-posting. (This is your Business in a Box) πŸ“¦

  • Customizable Sales Material

    All the sales materials you need to get started – that can be easily customized with your business name and logo.

  • Industry Secrets

    I’m going to reveal some of the best kept secrets in the marketing industry that will make managing your agency extremely simple!

  • Customer Acquisition

    Learn the tools I used to generate my very first customers and what I’ve learned along the way!

  • Business 101

    Learn the different types of businesses you can formulate and exactly what you need to start your business.

Course Outline

  • Course Overview
  • Business Model Overview
  • Setting up Your Business
  • How to Build a Logo
  • Business Cards
  • Building a Website (Simple)
  • Invoicing Clients
  • Social Media Management Automation
  • How to use White Labeled Sales Material
  • How to Build a Pricing Structure
  • How to Build Clients Before you Have Experience
  • Twitter Overview
  • Instagram Overview
  • Facebook Overview
  • Pinterest Overview
  • Growth hacks for Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest
  • How to optimize YouTube Video’s for Organic Search
  • How to Build Target Audience
  • How to Build a Sales Funnel
  • Facebook and Instagram Paid Advertising
  • Retargeting | Custom Audiences Facebook
  • The Use of Facebook Pixels and Google Tag Manager
  • How to increase Facebook Relevance Score
  • Ad Creative and Content Best Practices
  • How to Generate Leads on Facebook
  • AdWords and PPC
  • How I Got Started in Marketing
  • Graphic design
  • Websites
  • How to Build Video Content
  • Free Stock Images
  • How to Get Unlimited Content Monthly
  • How to build a Landing Page in 1 hour!
  • Fulfillment Hacks
  • Best Resources to Find Clients
  • How to Generate Business on LinkedIn
  • Get Comfortable with Hitting the Pavement
  • How to Leverage Events
  • Telemarketing and How to Make Cold Calls
  • Overcoming Objections
  • How to Build Successful AdWord Campaigns
  • How to Make the Close – Persuading Clients
  • Tools to Learn What Marketing a Business is Currently Doing
  • Reasons Why Clients Should be Using Social Media for Their Business


  • Outsourcing
  • Automation Software
  • Email Marketing and Automation
  • White Label Fulfillment
  • Know When You Should Start Building Your Team
  • On-Boarding & Manage Your Clients
  • How to Retain Clients and Renew Contracts

Bi-Weekly Calls

Join us for bi-weekly calls to see how people are doing, train and motivate our fellow spouses!


Start a business that can follow wherever life takes you next

A Social Media Marketing business is something that you can do from anywhere, I have clients from California to Canada. It's hard being a military to continually grow in your career while constantly moving. This is a way to take your career with you.

Earn monthly income working from home

Balance family and work. You can build a business that will continue to grow you monthly income while working from home. The sky is the limit, the harder you work the more you will make.

Accelerated Growth

A smart woman learns from her own mistakes, a wise woman learns from others. I have spent 10+ years learning the marketing industry and how to build a successful business. Accelerate your growth in business by learning from my mistakes, successes, failures and experience. Plus I am going to teach you ALL the industry secrets I have learned throughout the way.

Start your business today!


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*Results are not guaranteed and can vary greatly depending on time spent on your business, time spent training and following each step within the course.